At AIC we understand that even professionals get stuck sometimes and need assistance identifying how best to provide support. For that reason we provide consultation services for businesses, attorneys and fellow mental health providers. The following are examples of the types of consultation available from AIC

For Businesses/Employers

AIC’s expertise in the areas of immigration and acculturation allows us to provide guidance around how best to support employees and their families following a transition to the USA from abroad. We also provide coaching and workshops to help orient newly arrived international employees to issues of immigration and acculturation.

For Attorneys

Attorneys are often the first professionals contacted by individuals seeking support for immigration petitions or for legal proceedings related to domestic/intimate partner violence. Often individuals involved in such cases have experienced significant trauma, which can affect their ability to engage effectively in their legal process, and attorneys are often not sure how to manage such difficulties. We provide consultation and guidance for attorneys to help them understand how they can best support their clients in such cases and how to access additional resources for those clients.

For Mental Health Providers

Even seasoned professionals get stuck sometimes working with a client who they just are sure how to help. Whether it’s uncertainty about a diagnosis or lack of expertise in a particular area, we all need to turn to a peer sometimes for support. With expertise related immigration, trauma and interpersonal conflicts AIC is provides one to one consultation for fellow mental health professionals around these and other issues.

Supervision for Therapists

Dr. Cardenas currently provides individual clinical supervision for provisionally licensed psychologists in Texas. For further information regarding supervision please contact Dr. Cardenas by phone or email at